Declutter Your Drinks!
I’m a firm believer in decluttering, I’m actively committed to it, and I have 3 kids. Which means my house is approximately 42% clutter 100% of the time. I think if I weren’t actively committed to keeping the clutter down, we’d be around 78% clutter. It’s a CRAZY BATTLE EVERY BLESSED DAY. So I’m always looking for little hacks to keep clutter from taking over my soul.

Any time is a good time to take steps toward simplicity but, being the start of the year, I am hyper aware of opportunities to create habits that keep clutter down. So when I saw these cups with hangy things, I got pumped. I have seen these used with magnetic hooks on refrigerators but in my kitchen, my Berkey filter is clear across the kitchen from the fridge. I already find it miraculous that I haven’t stepped on a kid yet so...I’m the interest of family safety, I needed a solution that did not require my kids to get underfoot every time thirst strikes their tiny little frames. The Berkey itself is not magnetic, which presents a small hurdle in using magnetic hooks. I did not want to stick anything to the outside of the Berkey - though I’m sure there are solutions that would work for that. I wanted it clean and neat. So I got some of these magnets and basically made a sandwich with the magnet on the inside of the Berky canister and the magnetic hook on the outside. It worked BEAUTIFULLY - and the magnets are strong enough to hold the hooks while moving around if they get bumped. Genius.

No unidentifiied , orphan water cups on my counter. No sippy cups floating around the house until I have to go on a mad hunt to return them to the cabinet. No more, friends!
We also put Young Living essential oils in our water so the stainless steel is perfect for that. I had two extra magnets so I thought, “Why not put my oils right here, too?” OilClips for the win. These oils are the best and have been serving my family up health and wellness for almost 8 years.

If you have a Berkey, this is a no-brainer. And excellent for kids but an awesome system for adults, too! Everyone has their color, no confusion, no clutter. Namaste, homies. If you don’t have a Berkey, why?! This guy is one of my top five household purchases. Love love love.

If you don’t use oils, I’m not here to judge!! ;) Pop on over and get you some. (You can also snag some of this hand sanitizer that’s actually good for you and bad for germs. You know that stuff off the shelf is jank, right? Get the good stuff.)
Happy decluttered drinking!! Here are the links to all the products I used!


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