Savvy Minerals

Smart. Sexy. Savvy.

This make-up was debuted last summer at Young Living’s corporate convention and was the most successful product launch the company had every done. One of the reasons for this is because women (and maybe some guys!) are…
…of not having TRULY clean cosmetics to put on their face every blessed day. And not just clean make-up, but stuff that actually goes on easy and looks amazing. Chicks are tired of having to choose one or the other. Now, they don’t have to.



Not a chance. Finally. Make-up that makes you look AND feel your best. All of the good stuff, none of the junk. This is truly the best of both worlds.

Top Shelf

  • Bendable
  • Buildable
  • Uniquely You

Not here

Is it weird to get just as excited about what’s NOT here as about what IS? Several of the usual suspects are notably absent from our ingredient list. We think you’ll be really happy they’re gone.

Kiss them goodbye

  • Synthetics
  • Allergens
  • Irritants
  • Worries



Starting your collection of clean and beautiful cosmetics couldn’t be easier. We’ve put together a collection of basics to get you going. From there, the sky is the limit! Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy routine for daily wear or you’re ready to paint the town red, this is the place to start.

Starter Kits

  • Simple
  • Easy
  • Affordable